Tea.co for the Last Supper

Thanks to the interventions of Tea.co, the cenacle was equipped with a new air conditioning and air purification system, "Abbiamo lavorato anche di notte, con lentezza per ridurre le vibrazioni durante l’esecuzione delle opere, rispettando il cronoprogramma grazie alla fondamentale collaborazione di tutti, compresa quella dei padri domenicani”, ha dichiarato Chiara Rostagno, direttrice del museo.

Thanks to the new systems that will introduce 10,000 cubic meters of clean air a day, controlled by 90 sensors, the life of Leonardo's famous work has been extended by another five hundred years, and it will also be possible to increase the number of daily visitors (up to 33%). thus shortening the queues at the entrance.

Thanks to the interventions of Tea.co it will be possible to have air inside the refectory free of particulates and with a drastic decrease in nanoparticles, with values 90% lower than the outside air, thanks to the doubling of the AHU (Air Treatment Unit) which now work in pairs and who can work, in case of breakdowns, even autonomously, in addition to filtering the dust thanks to the new suction systems, other improvements have been developed thanks to the work of the engineers.

Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities and Tourism, Lombardy Museum Complex, Museo del Cenacolo Vinciano.
Supply and installation of the electromechanical system for filtering and air exchange, new fan, new AHU.