Our company provides “the service of electrical and mechanical technologies”. Competence, reliability and flexibility are the concepts that guide our company. All this is needed to give our customers precise, reliable and quick answers. The goal of our mission is to create high value for our shareholders, our customers and all our employees. Complying with the laws, equity and cultural role are always at the basis of our choices.


The customer at the centre of everything
Satisfying our customers’ requests is our priority, by constantly improving our services.

Technology allows us to make our services more efficient and faster.

Innovation and future
Innovation is the basis of business activity and prepares us for the future.

Tradition and experience
50 years of experience and tradition bind us to the past but at the same time give us the competence and ability to be ready for any challenge.


1 + 1 = 3

Where the + sign does not express only a simple addition operation, but our ADDED VALUE

 1 = 3

That brings with it planning and realisation experience made available for every request.


We at Teaco think … and we all believe that everything we do today, we can do better tomorrow. Seriousness, dedication to work and discipline are some of the characteristics that reward us continuously during the challenges we face each day.


“Some people regard private enterprise as a predatory tiger to be shot. Others look on it as a cow they can milk. Not enough people see it as a healthy horse, pulling a sturdy wagon.“
Winston Churchill
The company that is known today as Tea.co was born and developed from the passion I have always had for entrepreneurial activity. The company was built year after year, effort after effort (quite a few) until it reached its current structure and knowledge at national level.
I still remember some installations which we made years ago as if it were today with great nostalgia, which demonstrates the deep dedication that I have always had and that I have transmitted to the company.
For over 50 years, I have been trying to give a corporate footprint based on competence, technology and flexibility.
Over 100 people, working both directly and indirectly with us, animate the company, live it and make it grow by spreading the name Teaco throughout Italy as a symbol of professionalism.
The company’s sole shareholder family is constantly called upon to make major and important decisions to consolidate our work done to date.
I hope (and I strongly believe) that the path we have undertaken will give us another 50 years of success, and give us the right motivation to continue the work undertaken years ago.

Claudio Brambilla